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Watch-and-Win Quiz

by Deutsche Welle TV – Germany


The international broadcasting service of Germany, DWTV is available to audience in Pakistan since several years through scores of rebroadcast platforms including several small and big cable TV networks. Still cable TV industry in Pakistan lack modern techniques and methods of feedback data collection due to technical shortcomings. All television channels need to find such data to know their overall viewership or popularity of certain programs. Keeping in view of this need, DW has organized a Watch & Win Competition from the platform of a selected Cable TV Network “Universal” in Peshawar city for being a committed partner since 2001 with a considerable connectivity.

Deutsche Welle TV - Germany


  • To know the viewership level of DW TV at a partner station selected as a sample.
  • To promote viewership further through quiz competition as attention seeking activity.
  • To promote DW branding by awarding DW prizes.
  • To strengthening partner’s confidence among rebroadcast partners.
  • To promote the organizing partner.


DW received 2327 answers for its quiz via SMS and emails. Correct answer was "Euromaxx". A large number of participants have sent the correct answer. A balloting will be held on 15th Januray 2014, and winners will be announced by the evening of balloting day.


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